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India is a seasonings and spices behemoth! Our take on Indian cuisine includes delicious dishes Tandoori Chicken, Beef Kofta Curry, and Sweet Potato & Spinach Vindaloo.

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India is the Spice Capital of the world! More than 70 percent of the world’s spices are produced in India. India has a greater variety of spices than any other country.

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Meet Chef Aarti Sequeira

Aarti Sequeira, cooking show host, cookbook author, journalist, television producer and food personality likes to joke that her love of food began in the womb…(she was a 10-pound baby) and shows no sign of abating! Aarti is a mainstay on Food Network after winning season six of Food Network Star with her trademark combination of an infectious cackle and a unique signature food style: American favorites with an Indian soul.


For me, the best part about Global Eats is that it teaches how food can represent so much in different cultures and heritages and that the food we choose to eat can have a direct impact on how we understand each other.

Check out these videos featuring Chef Aarti!