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Experience the fierce flavors and vibrancy of Caribbean culture, perfecting recipes that include Jamaican Beef Hand Pies, Dominican Mangu, Puerto Rican Style Sofrito Rice, and Roasted Jerk Chicken.

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The Taino people, native to Jamaica and the Caribbean, are credited with coming up with the term barbecue, which is derived from the Taino word barabicau.

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Meet Tavel Bristol-Joseph

Tavel is the Pastry Chef and Partner at Emmer & Rye, Hestia, Kalimotxo, Henbit, TLV and Canjein Austin, Texas. Tavel Bristol-Joseph began his culinary journey baking with his aunt in Guyana. Moving to America at age 17, Bristol-Joseph attended the New York Restaurant School, and worked in establishments both in New York and Tucson, Arizona. Upon meeting Kevin Fink, Bristol-Joseph moved to Austin, Texas and opened Emmer & Rye in 2015. Hestia earned Best New Restaurant in America honors from Robb Report, and Canje was listed as one of The New York Times’ Best Restaurants of 2022. Additionally, Bristol-Joseph was named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2020.

I grew up cooking and baking alongside my aunt in Guyana, savoring the flavors of South America and the Caribbean. After bringing those authentic flavors to my restaurants in Austin, I’m honored to partner with Chartwells K12 and thrilled for students to experience a taste of the Caribbean in their own school cafeterias.”

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Food is an essential aspect of many family traditions in Caribbean culture. At holidays and special events, it is very common for people to spend many days preparing food.

Despite the tropical climate, Caribbean cuisine includes a lot of soups and stews.


Explore the Caribbean with games and coloring sheets!